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          ABOUT GSC

          The Geographical Society of China (GSC) is a national non-profit scientific organization in China with the largest membership of 15,000 engaged in the promotion of geography.

          The Geographical Society of China (GSC) is one of the three oldest academic organizations in China, founded by Zhang Xiangwen in Tianjin in 1909.

          The missions of the GSC are primarily to unite the broad mass of geography workers nationwide to promote the development of geography, to advance scientific research and educational activities in the fields of geography, to improve popularization of geographical sciences and knowledge, to foster qualified professionals and talents in geography, and to serve the development of society.

          The Society consists of about 15,000 individual members, including a group of highly specialized individual members like academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) / Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and scientists, academics, middle school teachers and students. It also has more than 30 member institutions in mainland China.

          GSC has 48 branch organizations, including 24 special commissions, 10 sub-societies, 9 working committees, 9 task forces, and 7 regional representative offices. Several editorial boards are affiliated to the Society. Currently 18 academic journals and 1 magazine (with 4 in English version) have been published under the auspices of the Geographical Society of China and its branch organizations.

          GSC has established close relationship with its counterparts from many countries and a number of activities and conferences have been organized jointly between GSC and its partners.



          The Geographical Society of China are primarily for promoting the scientific research, serving its members and geographers, encouraging......

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          LATEST NEWS

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